By contributing to the development of Photolithography with innovative technology we can better contribute to society

Artfil is a company that builds technology based on photolithography. Photolithography has its origins in letterpress printing, which was one of the three great inventions of the Renaissance period. Even today, it supports semiconductors and flat panel displays, and is a key industry that continues to develop while forming a huge supply chain. We are proud to be a member of this industry movement and as a team supporting this field we are responsible for helping and developing this industry to continuously progress the advancement of our field, from that we can push forward to helping society continue to grow.


Access to the best technology with an open mind leads to innovation and creating our own core tech which brings need to the market.

At the end of the day in order to create technology, engineers need space for themselves to think through their processes. However, (especially in the fast-developing photolithography industry) it is extremely difficult to complete everything on your own. Therefore, we will always have access to cutting-edge external technology that will assist to bring a new way of thinking and fresh innovation. This will be the cornerstone for our way of progression.
In addition, we will operate a full-fledged JOB-type organization that is not bound by existing frameworks such as external and internal technical systems.