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CEO’s Message

Artfil has been developing lithography machines and coordinate measuring machines used for semiconductors and display photomasks in partnership with its parent company, FSCE.
Writers and coordinate measuring machines are the equipment used for manufacturing photomasks, which are the master plates of photolithography, this requires extremely high precision.
With the latest digital technology on hand, our equipment is at the forefront of craftsmanship that freely combines a wide range of cutting-edge technologies within different fields such as: optical systems, communication systems, programs such as FPGA, control systems, and software (GUI, correction function, data handling). For this purpose, we have adopted a fully-fledged JOB-type organization in the engineering department and have everything ready to onboard engineers with our tailored employment forms and incentives that are not bound by internal or external sources, partnerships with companies etc. As a company we are looking forward to having skilled engineers to help us with our vision. In addition, we have a plan to strengthen and stabilize our management base by increasing capital which in turn allows us to progress.
Technology is advancing rapidly and we are at the forefront of our field. We have and will continue to devote ourselves with the mindset of contributing to society. We appreciate the guidance and encouragement from everyone.

Artfil CEO
Makoto Murai

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